Work Zone HR Enterprise or ERP is a complete HR Enterprise Suite which has been developed to encamps any type of work environment that’s needs and ERP Solution. It is cloud based or Server Based based on the requirement. It can be customised to suit the needs of the organisation as well as tenant module and can also be integrate to Workzone Plus or Pro.  This is suitable for Companies that have over a 100 Employees in Various locations and need an integrated HR System. Multi language option is also available.  Included in the package is a complete Web Security Package which can be linked to OTP. We also use the best online security and encryption of data to prevent information being stollen by hackers. This is a real secure tool for HR Management.


The entry level module are:

  • Employee
  • Time Sheet
  • Payroll
  • Notifications
  • File Manager
  • Organisation

The Add on Modules are:

  • Board of Directors
  • Flight and Allowances (for the Airline Industry)
  • KPI
  • Performance
  • Worksheets
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Payroll Accounting Module and Reports

Detail Information of Each Module:


Contains all the information pertaining to the Employee: You can add an employee. Have a unique employee number and a lot of more features.

On Off boarding; Contracts; Immigration; Documents; Emergency Contacts; Tax Information; Payroll Information; Leave Application; Leave Bank; Employee Asset; Expense Claims; Regular Allowance; One Time Allowance; Deductions; Labour Information; Insurance Information; Social Networking; Qualifications; Work Experience; Bank Accounts; Awards; Shift; Grade; Locations ; Account Details ; Performance Appraisals; Resignations; Terminations; Promotions and Work Zone Settings.

A Complete Employee Management Tool.

Time Sheets:

A Complete Time sheet Module to manage your Time Attendance

Attendance ; Leave Management; Shift Management; Shift Scheduler and Public Holidays.

Payroll Processing:

A Complete Payroll Enterprise Module to help any business manage their Payroll.

Include in this is Payroll line Entry; Process of Payroll; Pay Slip; Pay Code; Managing Allowance and Tax Brackets. Making it easy to calculate payroll taxes and Reports connected with payroll.


A vital requirement in all HRM system is Notification. This enables a turn key HRM Alert System.

Customization can be done to meet any requirement.

Notifications such as Birthdays; Leave; Documents; Immigration; Contracts; Seniority; Probation and Notice Period can be tracked by HR Administrator.  Customisation can be also done based on needs.

File Manager:

File Manager manages all the files related to HR.

All the department files are in one place and can be managed based on the requirement of the HR Company.

Employee Directory:

Show all the Employee in the Organisation:

All the Employee in the Company are under this System.

Add on Modules are:

Board of Directors:

Required by many Organisations – A Board of Director Module helps manage Directors of the Company their compensations.

Flight and Allowances (for the Airline Industry)

Flight Allowance Module is for the Airline Industry and is based on its needs


KPI Module Enable Key Performance Indication of an Organisation. This Module is vital for organisations managing KPI’s


Performance Module is very important to evaluate Employee Performance Appraisals


Worksheets module Enables Employee Task Assignments. This can also be used for billing.


Recruitment is an important part for organisations looking to manage recruitment.


Training Module enables managing staff training.

Payroll Accounting Module and Reports:  

This is to manage the Manage Payroll Accounting.

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