HR Analytics

Getting the very best out of your organisation is always challenging and requires focus and much needed tools to analyse all the complex HR Metrix. This enables your Organisation to get the very best from its HR.  This is a much needed tool for organisation that want to be Customer Driven and Concentrix focused in an ever changing HR Eco System.

HR Analytics is a very important Metrix for senior management to understand the past and current performance of the overall needs at present and in the near future. This will bring success to your organisations mission, vision and goals.

Our HR Analytics is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) which combines the organisational needs vs what is required in your HR to meet your organisations goals.

Our HR Analytics enables an organisation like yours to make better decisions based on data (AI).

Our HR Analytics enables your organisation to meet KPI target and to work out your organisations needs and requirements. 

These Requirement are the following.

*Metrix involve – Quantitative Metrix – Involving Accounting Requirements and Sales. Qualitative Metrix – Involving Organisation Efficiencies

  • KPI Targets - Setting KPI Targets
  • HR Eco System Analytics
  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Organisation Profiling
  • HR Profiling
  • HR Profiling
  • Customer Profiling
  • Vendor Profiling
  • HR Complaint Analysis
  • HR Testing
  • HR Strategic Analytics
  • HR Appraisals
  • Risk Analysis
  • HR Performance Indicators
  • Organisation Policy Appraisals.

This process platform is currently being developed and enhanced and the Release is expected at the end of this year.
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